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The youth village

About us

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Dr. Israel Goldstein Youth Village has been the stepping-stone to a better life for thousands of teens aged 12-18. Located in Jerusalem, the Village currently houses over 300 intermediate school and high school students, as well as 200 external students.


Our students are multinational, coming from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, Turkey, Morocco, Israel and other countries around the world. Students benefit from a quality academic, values-oriented, Jewish-Zionist education, a wide range of enrichment programs and 24/7 support and guidance from the Village’s dedicated staff.

The broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities including swimming, fencing and dancing, classical, jazz and modern music instruction gives the students vital self-confidence, and the opportunity to develop their personal interests and talents. The critically acclaimed dance and theatre troupes perform on a national level. Our talented musicians have played in international competitions and two of the Village’s synchronized swimmers were 2012 Olympic contenders. For more information


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The Village, which served as one of Youth Aliyah’s absorption centers, was opened in 1949 with 40 orphaned survivors of the Holocaust and a small, dedicated staff.

Founded by Zeev Schikler, an officer of the “Haganah” who took part in the battle for Monastery Hill (on which the Village is located) during the war of independence in 1948, the Village expanded and flourished under his direction, until his untimely death in 1977. The Village was named in honor of the late Dr. Israel Goldstein, a prominent American rabbi, Zionist Leader and member of the executive committee of the Jewish Agency.

Thorough the years, the village continued to develop and change, hand in hand with the changes underwent by the young state of Israel. At first, an emphasis was put on vocational training for the new immigrants who found a warm home in the village. Gradually, more and more educational programs and extracurricular activities were offered to the students, and now the school of the village is one of the top schools of Jerusalem, providing excellent education and offering unique programs in music, arts, sports and exact sciences, nurturing the next generation of Israel.


Board of Directors

Eva Hason
Executive Director


Boris Kachko
Financial Manager


David Peradze
Director of the Boarding School


Judy Segal
Director of Development


Lilia Reichman

Director of the High School




Yoel Peckerman – Chairman

Miri Cohen

Yosef Halbi

Eti Flexer

Rami Bar-el

Zvika Mirom

Aryeh Edeleit

Eli Bar Yohai

Romina Moralis

Alon Goldberg


The school

The Zionist Youth Village School is home to about 500 students from all over Jerusalem and its surroundings. Within the framework of the school there are intermediate and high school students known for their high academic level and for their moral-social excellence. The school has championed the development of learning abilities and skills of the 21st century, as well as social responsibility and good citizenship. Each year the school is awarded a variety of prizes for excellence in education and values, and its graduates are integrated in leading universities in Israel.

As part of the junior high school, students have a wide range of enrichment classes: excellent sports lessons including fencing, swimming, artistic swimming and the football academy of "Hapoel Katamon"; Excellence in natural sciences including physics, agrotech, health and computers; And excellence in the humanities and social sciences, including photography, cinema, Chinese, art, international relations and communications. The classes are held in modern laboratories and equipped with a variety of advanced technological aids.


The students of the school are taught a second foreign language, Russian or French, by native speakers.


Preparation of high school students includes a series of lessons aimed at imparting important learning skills, such as presentation, writing research papers and locating sources of information.


In the high school of the Havat Hanoar Hazioni, there are various educational trends, including biology, agrotech, Chinese, art, Russian, and digital information. Cyber, Diplomacy, Chemistry, Physical Education, Physics, Cinema, Music and Computers. The various in demand fields of education prepare the students for the world of employment and the higher education institutions in Israel and abroad. The high success rates in the matriculation exams each year prove that professional and experienced teachers do their best for the benefit of our students.


As a part of the high school studies, the students of the Youth Village receive many enrichment classes, such as financial education and orientation in the socio-economic system, traffic rules classes, English Debate Club. At the same time, the students are given comprehensive support of individual hours at  The Education Center that enable each and every student to realize their full potential.


Every year our high school students participate in various competitions in Israel and around the world, maintain contact with students from different schools around the world, and take part in exchange programs.

The boarding school life

The boarding school social life is very rich and highly diverse.

The students in the boarding school, together with intensive studies, receive a variety of informal education. As a Jewish Youth Village we work according to the Jewish calendar.

Each holiday is celebrated by all the residents of the village in an experiential way, combining singing and dancing performances with studying Jewish Tradition. There are many workshops for the students in the boarding school, including personal empowerment, financial management, preparation for the IDF, business leadership, etc. Each student has a personal time management system.



The purpose of the project is to provide for Jewish teens aged 14-16 an opportunity to live and study in Israel before their parents immigrate to the country, thus making a bridge for their families' Aliyah.

To take part in the project the future participants need to various tests and interviews conducted by experienced educators and psychologists.



Since 2000, the Youth Center has been a leading sports excellence center in Israel. The center has three branches: swimming (including artistic swimming), soccer and fencing.

The goals of the center are adjusted to the goals of the Youth Village and the  School: education for excellence and achievement, realization of the child's talents and ability, and a swimming matriculation certificate (5 units).



The Music Center is a center for the advancement, support and development of students' musical talents. The Center's policy is to support and promote the student according to his / her wishes and abilities. The Center has a variety of study tracks that are suitable for each student and enable him to take part in the Center's ensembles and orchestra.

The Village is very proud to have been able to provide its students with a matriculation program in music and arts, which started to operate in the current academic year. There is a need to help them fulfill their potential.

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